Approved Applications

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The following are approved Development and building permits within the RM of McKillop.

Permit #StructureLegal Land LocationHamlet/DivisionApproval Date
RMMK-22-001Addition to Ag buildingNW 30-23-21N/A03-jan-22
RMMK-22-002Dwelling & Deck1A 1 102007909Clearview17-Jan-22
RMMK-22-003Detached Garage
24 5 101969770Collingwood16-mar-22
RMMK-22-021Detached Garage6 3 101891280Collingwood03-Jun-22
RMMK-22-016Dwelling12 4 102001745Collingwood27-July-22
RMMK-22-026Detached Garage7 1 101899918Green Acres26-July-22
RMMK-22-034Deck43 3 81R06922N. Colesdale07-July-22
RMMK-22-035Dwelling57 3 81R06922N. Colesdale27-July-22
RMMK-22-044Sunroom & Roof Replacement8 1 61R06922N. Colesdale26-Sept-22
RMMK-22-046Dwelling12 C 101953751Sunset Resort06-Sept-22