Hail Insurance

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Hail Withdrawal - Owners of land may withdraw all, but not part, of their cultivated land from the operations of The Municipal Hail Insurance Act by filing a withdrawal application with the Association on or before March 31st in any year. Owners of land may also withdraw part of their land only if used for haying and grazing purposes.

Hail Withdrawal Form

Cancellation - Insurance may be cancelled for the current year only on crops insured which have been destroyed by some cause other than hail by notifying Municipal Hail Insurance by fax or registered letter on or before July 29th.

Cancellation Form

Exemption - An owner of land insured with Saskatchewan Municipal Hail Insurance Association may exempt a crop/crops from the operations of the Municipal Hail Insurance Act by filing a Crop Exemption application on or before April 30th of the current year.

Crop Exemption Fillable Application

Claim Forms




 For more information please see the Saskatchewan Municipal Hail Insurance Website.