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Welcome to the Rural Municipality of McKillop No. 220 website.  The R. M. of McKillop No. 220 consists of 7 1/2 townships, encompassing 665 square kilometers of land.  Last Mountain Lake is to the west and south of the R.M. of McKillop and the boundaries follow along the lake.

Agriculture is the predominant land use within the municipality.  Agricultural activities include grain and mixed farming.

Lakeshore development is also very prevalent along the shores of Last Mountain Lake and has become a significant economic activity within the R.M.  Recreational opportunities exist in the form of a provincial park, seasonal resort development, cottages and water and fishing activities.

Resort communities consist of nine (9) Organized Hamlets and eleven (11) Unorganized Hamlets which are:

  • Alta Vista (Organized Hamlet)
  • Clearview (Unorganized Hamlet)
  • Colesdale Park South (Organized Hamlet)
  • Collingwood Lakeshore Estates (Organized Hamlet)
  • Green Acres (Unorganized Hamlet)
  • Heritage Valley (Unorganized Hamlet)
  • MacPheat Park (Organized Hamlet)
  • Maple Grove (Unorganized Hamlet)
  • Mohr’s Beach (Organized Hamlet)
  • North Colesdale Park (Organized Hamlet)
  • Shore Acres (Unorganized Hamlet)
  • Shoreline (Unorganized Hamlet)
  • Spring Bay (Organized Hamlet)
  • Sorensen Beach (Organized Hamlet)
  • Sun Dale Resort (Unorganized Hamlet)
  • Sunset Resort (Unorganized Hamlet)
  • Uhl’s Bay (Organized Hamlet)

The R.M. prides itself on being a progressive, developing community.  It is a viable farming community as well as a lovely place for cottage owners seeking solace from the high-paced city life.